Hello and Welcome to my site. My name is Jonathan Viscosi from Ottawa, Canada. I am a professional football player and I’ve plied my trade in England, Sweden and currently in Finland. I am from a small footballing nation, and I have not followed the typical path to the professional game as most players have. I am on a wonderful journey of self discovery on how to make it as a professional in the most competitive footballing continent in the world. I am learning many great lessons along the way and have decided to start sharing them with the public to hopefully inspire and help others like me pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. I have a thirst for life and am very passionate about continuous self-improvement. You will find I write about a broad range of topics but mainly centred around the journey towards fulfilling your dreams, reaching your optimal performance levels and most importantly how to make the most of every day life.

Please read my first post ‘Why I started a blog’ to find out more about my background and the purpose of my blog and what I am hoping to achieve. You can use the Menu to navigate through my various blog entries. Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback and you can contact me at jonathan_viscosi@hotmail.com for any further information or questions.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy my writing and benefit from the information I discuss!



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